Why Big Wood?

In 2012 I was frustrated with not being able to find natural grooming products that did not contain chemicals that cause cancer and destroy normal testosterone levels. As a health care provider, I know the importance of healthy testosterone levels for men of all ages, so I set out to create my own products for myself. After sharing these with friends and family I was repeatedly asked to create a brand and that is when Big Wood was born!

-Dr. Bryan Schuetz, CEO and creator of Big Wood Men's Grooming Products

What creates the big wood scent?

The scent is derived from a proprietary blend of essential oils.. namely eucalyptus, vetiver, cedarwood, fir needle and patchouli. 

What makes Big Wood different from other natural men's grooming products? 

There are a few companies out there who use natural ingredients in their grooming products and shun the use of dangerous chemicals contained in most brands, but we take it one giant leap forward by adding natural testosterone boosting herbs such as Tribulus Terristris and Pine Pollen.