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Big Wood Men's Grooming Products

Max T Shave Bundle

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Men’s Grooming Kit

If you're a guy who's looking to change their morning routine so you can look and feel your best, this is the bundle for you! Our Max T Shave Bundle includes a six-month supply of our Extra Creamy Shaving Soap, Big T Cream, Luxury Aftershave, and a bottle of our Men's Performance Max oral supplement, making this bundle the ultimate grooming kit for men everywhere!

Our Big Wood Bundles
Made from all-natural ingredients that promote healthy skin and real testosterone support, our Big Wood Bundles feature essential grooming products and supplements that will help you look and feel your best every day!

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five stars
Smells and Performs Great!
Reviewed in the United States on July 17, 2015
Verified Purchase
I bought this for my husband who has to be clean shaven for his job, so he usually shaves with shaving gel 5 days/wk. He loved the smell of this shaving soap so much when I gave it to him that he immediately went in the bathroom at 6pm in the evening to try it out and shave for the second time in one day! I must say it DID the most amazingly pleasant scent when he was done. According to him there was no burning, sting or redness from this product either. While it didn't lather up like his shaving gel, he said he actually liked that better since it still was very easy to shave with but he didn't have to deal with with all of the excess gel he was constantly rinsing off with his normal shaving gel. After feeling his face, I can tell you it was smooth and very soft. I think we both happily gave this 5 stars and would certainly recommend it to others.